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Internship Application



Name ____________________________________________________________________________


High School _________________________________ College _______________________________    


Year in college or High School (junior, senior, e.g.)   ________________


Length of internship desired __________________________________________________________


Preferred focus of internship  _________________________________________________________


Special experience, interests or skills relevant to this internship  ______________________________







Phone/cell: ________________________________  home: _________________________________


E-mail address _____________________________________________________________________


Address ___________________________________________________________________________


City ________________________________________ State ______________  Zip _______________      



Application and accompanying materials should be mailed to:


Julie Schweitzer, Arts Council of Southern Indiana, 820 East Market Street, New Albany, In, 47150



Arts Council of Southern Indiana provides internship opportunities to area college students and high school students.  Internships may be for a specific project, such as, performances, the Monarch Waystation, exhibit installations, special events, or they may be for the broad experience of day to day work in a regional arts council. You may be eligible for college credit.


Please provide the following information for consideration for an internship: a brief biography/letter of introduction (please include your interest in this internship program) and a resume.  Print out this page, fill out form, and mail packet to the address provided at the bottom.  Thanks!

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